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How many times we go through tough moments when we feel demotivated, dull, without the energy nor the will to do something, unable even to make a decision?

Sometimes we should simply realize that we deserve to feel good, to be happy and we should feel lucky to be able to enjoy every single day of our life.

But mostly we should keep in mind that we can choose to be happy and that it's up to us!

Very little is needed to feel better.

The good news is that you can start from scratch whenever you want.

Even now, from this very moment, you can decide to start a new path with enthusiasm in order to make your life beautiful.

Obviously there are many things you can do to improve your life, but if you really want to make a change and therefore you decide to practice these 5 good habits with perseverance and determination, you too will see that it is simply impossible not to live well.

Who doesn't want to live to the fullest? :)

1. Meditate at least 15 minutes every day

There are more than 3,000 scientific studies that prove that meditating at least 15 minutes a day can generate many benefits both for body and mind. For example, it allows you to have a clearer vision of your projects, to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and depressive states, it helps to stabilize our mood, to increase our state of well-being, to develop mental faculties like memory, concentration and capacity for self-control, it increases self-esteem, awareness and, above all, it helps perceiving the importance of the present moment.

2. Physical activity

A physically active lifestyle is like diving into the fountain of youth: it is infact one of the secrets to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Physical activity helps counteract stress and generates a state of well-being. It is also crucial if you want to reach and maintain a healthy body weight and to reduce the risk of diseases, especially the cardiovascular ones, since it regulates the functioning of the cardiac system and promotes the stability of blood pressure, or to prevent diabetes as it balances sugars in the blood more efficiently.

Physical exercise, it has long been known, is able to stimulate the neural circuits of dopamine, the neurotransmitter linked to the mechanism of gratification: also in this sense it is an excellent "therapeutic treatment". In fact physical activity performed at moderate intensity allows changes and benefits also at neurological level. In a recent study (Wang, Volkow et al., 2001 and 2003) it was highlighted, through the use of PET, that obese subjects who do not practice physical activity show a lack of dopamine receptors directly proportional to the index of body mass: the higher the BMI (body mass index), the lower the number of receptors.

Among the benefits ascribable to the practice of regular exercise, these are the main ones:

  • Improvement of self-esteem

  • Regularization of mood, plus increase of good mood

  • Increased strength and muscular endurance

  • Strengthening of immune system

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress

3. Focus on eating healthy

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used to say that we are what we eat. Most people know they should eat more healthily, but laziness often leads to choosing a seemingly easier path. There are several benefits we could enjoy if we applied a correct dietary style: a varied and balanced diet is essential not only to keep fit, but also for our health.

Here are some of these benefits:

  • Get more self-awareness

Eating healthy means having greater awareness of oneself and one's physical and mental well-being, which means feeding us with a goal in mind, really tasting what we are eating right now, trying to have a more balanced relationship with the food we eat.

  • Live longer

It is now well known that a healthy diet leads to a long life. A recent report by JAMA International Medicine shows that every 28g portion of whole grains a day is associated with a 5% lowering of mortality risk. Another study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology states that eating more than 56.9g of these foods a day reduces the risk of mortality by 10%.

  • More energy

Fruit is just one of many healthy foods that can provide an instant dose of energy. A healthy eating style provides more strength and greater resistance to physical and mental stress. Fiber-rich fruits like apples require less time to be digested and can be an excellent idea for an afternoon snack.

  • Better mood

Food and mood are two interdependent elements. The better the quality of the food, the better the quality of the mood. If you have to refresh your day, enjoy foods like apples, bananas, yogurt, chocolate, turmeric and foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids like fish and nuts, which can improve mental status. In fact, in addition to providing important vitamins, they will make you avoid the classic afternoon "downs".

4. Sunlight

Sunlight is officially a vitamin for our mind and our body.

In fact, the main source of vitamin D is the sun and when our skin is exposed to the sun, our body produces vitamin D, which in addition to fixing calcium in the bones (making them more robust) and maintaining muscle strength, it stimulates the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters that regulate good mood.

American scientific studies are demonstrating the efficacy of heliotherapy for the prevention of numerous rheumatic and cutaneous diseases and it has also been shown that (limited) exposure to the sun stimulates the healing of psoriasis, promotes muscle relaxation, stimulates the increase of testosterone in men and progesterone in women, besides improving our mood and removing stress.

An exposure of at least 15 minutes a day during the summer and 30 minutes a day during the winter is recommended.

5. Rest

Mind and body need a good rest to better face the day.

Sleep has indeed beneficial effects on our body and helps us stay healthy: it is essential to maintain a good physical and psychological balance and to guarantee the right amount of energy to face daily tasks.

The benefits of sleep do not end there: sleeping well and for the right number of hours, at least 6 or 7 per night, would help to keep away some degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, plus it increases productivity, improves memory, decreases the sense of hunger, and it's good for the skin. Sleep would therefore carry out a fundamental cleansing job that allows us not to overload the brain with the flood of information accumulated during the day.

Today we have seen 5 keys, all easily achievable in our daily life, to make a real breakthrough and live to the fullest.

Where are YOU at? Are you using these keys? Did you already know the importance of these 5 aspects?

Here you can find all the VIDEOS:

If you wish to accelerate your progress and if you truly want to make a real change in your life, visit our website and book a free consultation so that together we decide the best strategy.

Have a good life!

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